Managing Agreements is vital.  Get it right upfront.

During your business life you wear many hats.  Perhaps as a purchaser or supplier of goods and services, importer, wholesaler, borrower etc.

You may enter into an agreement with other businesses – partnerships, joint ventures etc.  Often where the fun begins, so get the advice you need.

Business & Commercial

So you are in business.  Or want to be in business.  Or want to grow your business.  Or want to sell your business.  Whatever stage you are at – talk to us.


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Mergers & Acquisitions

If you have decided it is better to grow through a merger or acquisition, as opposed to organic growth, you need to dot the “I” and “T’s”.  Do your planning.

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Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures or “JV’s” can be verbal, written – complex or simple.  Make sure you properly document and set clear mutual expectations.

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Buying & Selling Businesses

Buying or Selling a business involves preparation.  Understand both your rights and responsibilities to ensure you make good decisions.

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Hard to undo a bad legal structure once the wheels are in motion.  Get advice on the optimal legal structure from the start.

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Franchises & Licences

Both Franchising & Licensing are common and popular structure for a variety of businesses.


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