Remote Signing of Documents


The legal community has moved to become more flexible when it comes to key documentation processes.

Temporary changes have been made to allow for some documents to be witnessed remotely to maintain physical distancing to help slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

This follows the standards adopted by Courts across the country too.

You can now witness the following documents remotely:

– Deeds and Mortgages
– Statutory Declarations
– Powers of Attorney documents
– Wills, Codicils and other Testamentary instruments

The new regulations do not override existing ways to witness documents. Where it is safe to do so, you may continue to use these existing ways of witnessing documents. For more information please go to or contact us.

We understand how anxious these uncertain times are for you, can provide assistance to help you navigate through these current times.

This includes any legal, conveyancing or other support. Our team remains working – and we have the electronic capabilities to correspondence with you via online communication platforms such as Google Meets and Zoom. We are also capable to witness remote legal document signings such as Will and Power of Attorney executions and Statutory Declarations.

Please take care.

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