Over the years we have seen diverse experiences relating to legal scenarios. Check out our e-learning resources that help you or your loved ones make better decisions.


Some selection of topics that might be of help to you.

Estate Planning| By Mike Poynter

An introductory guide for Estate Planning.

Family Law Overview| By Mike Poynter

An overview of Family Law considerations.

Property Guide| By David McCleery

Some considerations for dealing in Property.

White Papers

The MCP “White Papers” are a range of short Legal insights on topics that may be relevant to you.  We trust that they will stimulate some thinking or actions for you.

Optimal Business Structure

Companies, Trusts, Sole Trader, Partnership – what is the best option for me?



Property – Buyer Beware!

What to look for when buying Property.



Asset Protection Strategies

Are your assets exposed?


Family Law – Divorce

A summary of what you need to know


Are you a Director?

Make sure you understand your responsibilities.


Updating your Will

When and why do I need to?



Document Manager

We offer a range of products and services across the broader MCP Group. Whilst we endeavour to follow an electronic fulfilement process, there is still the need for forms! You can access some of these documents below, including the relevant ones that are necessary in the process.

Finance Broking

Name Description Author Date  
Financial Position Editable Statement of Financial Position MCP Financial Services 12/10/2017
Customer Needs Analysis Property Finance

MCP Financial Services 12/10/2017

Family Law

Name Description Author Date  
Family Law Court Marriage, families and separation. Family Law Courts
Family Law Worksheet Family Law overview and questionnaire. MCP Legal 12/11/2017


Name Description Author Date  
Business Structure Contact us to order a new Company or Trust.
Shane Frost 09/09/2017


Name Description Author Date  
Property Advisory Property Checklist

MCP Property Advisory 06/11/2017


Name Description Author Date  
Conveyancing Overview of the Process MCP Legal 02/08/2017

Estate Planning

Name Description Author Date  
Estate Planning Estate Planning Order Forms

MCP Legal 11/11/2017

Business Advice

Name Description Author Date  
Business Advice Options for Business Growth
Dave McCleery 11/11/2017

Business & Trust Formations

Name Description Author Date  
Business Structures Order forms for new legal entities

MCP Legal 10/10/2017


Name Description Author Date  
SMSF Overview of the SMSF environment

MCP Legal 09/10/2017

General Insurance

Name Description Author Date  
General Insurance Commercial & Business Insurance

Paul Evans 20/12/2017

Personal Insurance

Name Description Author Date  
Personal Insurance Authority to Review

Mike Townshend 20/12/2017

Conveyancing Purchase Form

Name Description Author Date  
Conveyancing Purchase MCP Legal 12/11/2017