The end of a relationship or marriage, or a dispute is a difficult time. We can provide advice about your legal rights, entitlements and obligations.  Provide your Family law scenario here.

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Family Law eBook

Family Law Instruction Sheet

Matromonial Pool Diagram

Divorce in Victoria

Binding Financial Agreements & Child Support

When can court set aside a BFA?

Marriage, Families & Separation

Financial Separation

Getting an agreement can avoid court action.

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A well thought through Pre-Nup Agreements can encourage couples to plan for contigencies, especially where substanatial assets exist before the union.

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Binding Financial Agreements

Agreements made prior to marriage, commencing a relationship or post separation.

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Parenting Arrangements

Have an agreement that sets out parenting arrangements for children. Agreed jointly, you and your former partner may also avoid court.

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Super Splitting

Superannuation laws have changed, and so has the rules in the event of family law events.

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Domestic Violence

Courts recognise the connection between family breakdown and violence, and its impact on both adult victims and children.

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Intervention Orders

Understand the different types of intervention orders available.

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Mediation is a structured negotiation process. An independent person, known as a mediator, assists parties to identify and assess options in a dispute.

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Court Matters

There is sometimes the necessity of involving the court in family law matters.

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De Facto

Recognition of de facto relationships has evolved in respect of Family Law.

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Same Sex

The status of same sex relationships and Family Law are now clearer.

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Be informed when it comes to all divorce considerations.

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